Thursday, November 18, 2010

1999 Stadium Club Hobby Box

I am now all in on this set. I bought a Hobby box of Series One on eBAy for $35 bucks. 24 packs, 6 cards per pack. Cheap pack ripping joy!
I opened a few packs tonight. I will give a full breakdown of the contents later.
I will feature 3 stars from the 90's. Juan Gonzalez, The Big Hurt, and Straw.
The back of the Gonzalez reminds us that Juan drove in 147 runs in 1998. Damn, that guy was good... when healthy and not wearing a Tigers uni.


  1. hmmmm... nice looking cards.
    I may have to add that one to the list for future Braves team sets to acquire.

  2. I will be showing off a Chipper later on. He's wearing some throwback uni.

  3. 90's Stadium Club always featured amazing photography... this product is no exception... look forward to seeing the full breakdown.