Friday, October 15, 2010

My First Foray Into COMC

Awesome! One word says it all. Awesome!
I usually use eBay for my set building needs. I have on occasion used
A few days ago, I thought I would peruse and see if they had any of the cards I needed for my 2006 UD Artifacts Auto-Facts set. Blam! They did in a big way.
I grabbed 5 cards in all. Jonny Gomes#181/700, Huston Street #104/500, Tadahito Iguchi #331/700, Tim Hamulak #432/742, and Garrett Atkins #339/800. All for a low flat $4.00 S&H. FOUR BUCKS! That's cheap in my book. If I buy the same 5 cards from 5 different eBayers, I pay 5 S&H's. Probably somewhere between $10 and $15 bucks. Having never bought from COMC, I was expecting to get cards from 5 different sellers in 5 different packages. Getting all my loot in one nice yellow bubble mailer was fun.
*A couple of cool notes about my cards;
There has been a Tim Hamulack on eBay with a BIN of $3.99 OBO and a S&H of $1.64. I offered the dude $2.36 for a total of $5 bucks... he declined. Does the jackball even know Hamulack barely made the show for a cup of coffee? Does the jackball even realize the card is numbered to 742? I got it for $2.49.
There has been a couple of Iguchi's on the Bay for over $30 BIN/OBO. I can't figure out why. Iguchi is no Ichiro. He's no Matsui. The card is numbered to 700. Do these guys think that because he's Japanese they can charge a premium? I scored it for $9.99. More than I think it's worth, but WAY less than I have seen it before.
Gomes. For some odd reason, his cards have been over-priced too. Mostly an over $20 asking price. One has popped up recently for $9 bucks. I got this one for $4.48.
I will certainly use COMC again.


  1. I'm a big fan of COMC. Being super patient to get my cards (I build a big cart before requesting shipment) I end up paying a less than .30 a card in shipping. You can't beat their scans (great for a blog post if you don't have a card, too.)

  2. True, Iguchi is no H. Matsui or Ichiro, but he's might be the next best position player to come from Japan, given Kenji Johjima's horrible crash & burn after a couple good years. Iguchi was the lone spark in that pretty weak '05 White Sox lineup at least, and they may not have even been a playoff team without him, let alone World Champs.

    Also, COMC is great. I've been stockpiling like tha Hack, & grabbing a few things right away when I have a spare $10. Which has been once this entire year... Heh.

  3. @Lonestar - Any chance you'll trade that 2006 Artifacts Johan auto to me?
    @Hack - I wonder how long one can leave cards in ones shopping cart?