Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's the Lions, No One Cares.

The Lions (my team) have been so brutally awful for so long, that I don't think the rest of the world realizes just how bad. I think there is still a little Barry Sanders residue left over. Look, people, Barry hasn't carried the rock since 1998!
Since that time, the wins have been rare;
2001 2-14-0 5th NFC Central
2002 3-13-0 4th NFC North
2003 5-11-0 4th NFC North
2004 6-10-0 3rd NFC North
2005 5-11-0 3rd NFC North
2006 3-13-0 4th NFC North
2007 7-9-0 3rd NFC North
2008 0-16-0 4th NFC North
2009 2-14-0 4th NFC North
The 2007 squad started 6-2, and we were all thinking playoffs. They finished 1-7.
The drafting by Matt Millen was atrocious. In 2003 he picked Charles Rogers (known druggie) and passed-up, Troy Polamalu, Andre Johnson, Terrell Suggs, Dallas Clark, and McGahee.
In 2005 he selected Mike Williams of USC. Yes, that Mike Williams, the one that sat out a year and got fat. He could have had; Demarcus Ware, Jammal Brown, Marcus Spears, or Logan Mankins.
There were more debacles like this. I won't list them all. You can see the entire record of failure here. I will just say that Millen, you are a boob. A no talent hack. When you do the color commentary for any football game, you have no credibility. You are a joke.

Thankfully, the Lions are finally on the right track. Drafting guys like Suh will pay dividends. If you have not seen Suh play yet, try to stomach a Lions game. You will see a rising star. He's that good.

Someday, hopefully soon, the Lions will play meaningful games in to later October.
Someday, everyone will care.


  1. a better Lions team is good for the NFL. No one cares about Carolina or Jacksonville... but the Rams and Lions need to improve. Glad to see it... let's hear it for better american thanksgiving games...

  2. Ha! Yes, we need more competitive Thanksgiving games for sure. A couple years ago, my brother-in-law banned the Lions from TV. Said he didn't want to ruin the day. This year the Lions play New England. Ugh.