Saturday, October 16, 2010

4 Old Football Cards

While watching the Suck-eyes lose tonight, I was flipping through one of my oldest binders. It is chock full of old football cards. I grabbed four cards to show off.
First; A 1976 Topps #148, the oldest Walter Payton in my collection. It's quite beat-up. Probably because I was 9 or 10 when I got it.
Second; My favorite player growing up. 1979 Topps #390. Earl Campbell was a bruiser. My brother was a Steelers fan, so that meant I couldn't be one. I hadn't really became a Lions fan yet, so The Oilers were my team. Why? Earl!
Third; One of the older cards in my collection. A 1968 Topps #181. Hall-of-Famer Bob Lilly. The card is very well centered with no creases and sharp corners. I must have got this later in life.
Lastly; 1982 Topps #486 Ronnie Lott rookie card. I really like the 1982 Topps set. The helmet, and the pennant at the bottom look great.
Shout-Out to Lonestar... I would like to deal for that 2006 Johan auto you mentioned.
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  1. I have a collection of football hall of famers i have been working on and those cards are wicked sweet! If you are ever feeling generous, let me know!

  2. if you want to trade that Lilly anytime, hit me up. We'll swap.