Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Tale of 2 Careers

It's the difference between paying .75 cents and five-fifty.

Grabbed a couple more 2006 Upper Deck Artifacts Auto-Facts. One guy pitched a few innings in 05 and a few in 06. The other guy played 18 seasons and had close to 2000 hits.

On the back of the Foster, it gives a stat. George Foster hit 31 home runs ON THE ROAD in his MVP season of 1977. My Dad bought me one of those plastic batting helmets of the Reds when I was a kid. I sort of became a Big Red Machine fan. Then, the manager of the machine came to Detroit and helped my team win a series in 84.

On the back of the Harris. We get a great fact. Harris recorded his first win 08/25/2005. Harris only pitched 57 innings...in his career. Yet he has an autographed card.

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