Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Really Want One of These

I have lived in Michigan my whole life. My Dad, the guy that taught me to play baseball, is a Tigers fan. I had to become a fan too.
Being a Tigers fan, and living in Michigan, the shadow and legend of Kaline is large. I never saw him play. I was 5 when he retired. I have seen video clips of him. Aside from Ty Cobb, he is the most famous, and probably the greatest Tiger ever.
With that said, I need his rookie card. I have about 10 Kalines in my collection (not counting the newer stuff). I had a 1955 once. I took it to school when I was in 9th grade. We had to bring something in to demonstrate what our hobby was. Being a 9th grader, and always being in a hurry, I never locked my locker. Someone ganked my card from my locker. Bastard.
This great looking card needs to be in my collection... in any condition. I would like to trade for one. If anyone has one to part with, let me know. I have tons of cool stuff I can part with.

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