Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Mighty Crash!

Yesterday, as I was sipping my morning coffee, I heard a loud CRASH! I thought a tree branch had cracked off the big oak and hit the front porch. I leaped to my feet, and opened the front door. Everything was normal. Maybe the gas grill on the back deck had somehow fell over. The thoughts as to what made the noise started to race through my head. Peering out the back door window, I see that everything is in it's place.
My wife thought the sound came from the basement. I said, "maybe the golf clubs fell over".
She went downstairs.
I heard her say, "OH!, your cards".
"What could that mean", I thought.
Down I went. Only to find this sight. My cheap plastic shelving fell over.


  1. Not only did they fall over, it looks like they broke in that one spot there on the side.

    I hate when that happens. That's why all my boxes are on the floor of my closet.


  2. Doesn't it make you wonder why something that has sat in one spot for months or maybe years just decide to fall over. Maybe the spirits are having some fun with with you. At least it looks like the boxes stayed closed so clean up shouldn't be too bad.

  3. Looks like it was top heavy. Commons boxes on the bottom next time dude.

  4. Invite Don West over to help clean that up!

  5. This is a sign..the next box you break will have the "Case Hit" in it! What a rough way to be forced to finally get the collection organized! I am digging the Jack Morris Poster though.

  6. Fucking Lawn Gnomes. That's who's to blame here...