Monday, June 7, 2010

Kaline Rookie Card. How much is too Much?

With Griffey Jr. retiring, and all the hulabaloo over his iconic rookie card, I have been tossing around the idea of a TOP 10 List. A list of cards I want, should have, need in my collection.

The first card to come to mind is the 1954 Topps Al Kaline rookie card.

This PSA 1 is currently on eBay. The bidding has passed the $30 dollar mark. I would love this card, even in it's pathetic condition. There are better conditioned cards out there, with prices in the hundreds of dollars. This PSA 1 would suit me just fine. How much is too much for a PSA 1?


  1. Buy it! For the love of all that is sacred man, buy the damn card!!

  2. Only you can tell what it is really worth to you. I wouldn't pay that much but if it were a Tom Seaver I'd be all over it.

    On a side not, congrats on your slim one point victory in fantasy this past week.

  3. @RG - Workin on it. Stay tuned.
    @Benny - eeked out for sure. It was a great battle.