Saturday, June 5, 2010

An eBay Seller to Avoid

My PC is still in the shop. So, this is a lame-ish post.

Avoid the seller chasinghistory.
You can see his store here. You can see his recent feedback here.

Here is the quick version of my woes with this jackball.
May 15th I win an auction for a 2009 206 Framed Ortiz Polar Bear Jersey card. I paypal the same day. I wait, and wait. After 10 days of no card and no shipping notification, I send him a message asking if he shipped the card. Days pass, no response. I wait another week or so, send another message...nothing. I wait more, and finally have to open an eBay case. Like I have time for this shit. A couple of days pass, and the moron responds with, "Card mailed today". That's it. I send him a message asking for the tracking number...nothing. I wait a few more days, no card comes. I decide to leave him negative feedback.

Today, the card arrives. Intact. No sorry note. In a plain white envelope.

Hopefully, I get my PC back next week. I have some cool cards to scan from the mongo garage sale find from last weekend.


  1. sorry to hear that ... ebay is very tough at times. How much did you pay for shipping?

  2. I hate those ebay douches. Like he was so busy playing WOW or something.

  3. @Sooz - shipping was only a buck. At the very least, he didn't gouge me on shipping.

  4. I love the excuses they give for not paying like: ..."yeah I was away on vacation and I thought I had paid before I left or My computer was on the fritz and I had to borrow my grandmothers alienware laptop and then my dog pee'd on it."
    I had to file 2 NPB this week and both people had more than respectable feedback but after multiple emails sent and calls made once the NPB were filed now all of a sudden they now want to pay. F'n a**holes!

  5. it makes you wonder if some of these cards "fell off a truck" and some sketchy dude is selling them while smoking a stogie and betting on the ponies...
    (I can't wait to see your garage sale haul. I have been hellabusy the last few Sat mornings, but will get out next week to hope to find...