Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Jim Price Game

I grew up in the era before cable T.V. When it was time for bed, it was time for my clock radio and Ernie Harwell and Paul Carey. Ernie would create a word picture as he explained the happenings at the ball park.
"Morris toe's the rubber. Glares in at Parrish. Kicks and delivers. Fouled off to the 3rd base side by Gantner. A Man from Clarkston has himself a souvenir".
Nowadays, the Tigers have an announcing crew of Dan Dickerson and former Tiger back-up catcher, Jim Price. Dickerson is from the Ernie Harwell school of broadcasting. He paints a picture for the listener. Price on the other hand, well, I don't know where he went to school. He is probably a very nice man. No doubt, he is a true homer for his team. He is a horrible radio man. I can't stand it.
The next time you're in the Michigan area, or have the MLB Radio package, listen to a few innings of a Tigers broadcast. Then play a little game.
Every time Price repeats himself (ex: that Grienke has outstanding stuff, outstanding stuff), give yourself a dollar. Every time Price refers to the "Art of Pitching" give yourself another dollar. Every time Price reminds the listener that he played with "Mr. Kaline" another buck. There are more bothersome "Price-isms" but those are good ones to listen for.
By the end of a few innings, you will have enough dough for a couple packs of cards.


  1. I prefer to listen to games on the radio then watch them, and I've found that I really do like Dickerson. But Price is just horrible to listen to.

    Also, this is unrelated, but I'm watching the game on MLB.TV right now and Scott Podsednik has a wet noodle for an arm. 2-1 in the 11th!

  2. Jim Price is very tight with Mike Illitch which explains his continued employment.

    I agree, a horrible announcer with no evident strengths.