Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Looking Forward to 2010 Heritage

With all the hulabaloo lately over National Chicle, I thought I would look ahead to one of the sets that got me back into collecting 2 years ago... Heritage.

The 2010 version will feature the 1961 design. A plain, rather boring design in card history. 3 boxes, player image, player name and position, and team name. Simple - boring. Topps really let the player image do the talking for this set. The vertical card layout is the way I like cards. It makes for easy flipping through. 2009 Heritage lost me with the horizontal design.

It's the back of the card that makes it great. A 3 panel comic strip of information. Stats galore. "Bill won the 1960 World Series with his home run". Awesome! What might a 2010 back look like? "Alexi Casilla slaps a hit to finish off the Tigers in game 163". The horror.


  1. Kudos on the vertical layout. This is the beginning of the Fantastic run of 1960s Topps card designs.

  2. I'm really not crazy about the early '60s stuff. I think '61 is boring inside and out. And I don't get interested in the '60s Topps sets until 1965 ('65 and '67 are my favorites).

  3. Agreed. The '65 set with the little pennant is great.