Friday, January 15, 2010

Hope This Dude Pans Out.

Bowman cards are low on my collecting list. Too many of the cards will never again see the light of day (unless I am searching for a Carlos Gonzalez or any other one in a million player to 'make it').
A few weeks ago, I grabbed a few packs of 2009 Bowman, and this week a few more. I got quite lucky. Both times, I got an autographed card. I got unlucky (unless this guy pans out). They are of the same guy, Allen Graig. One regular and one refractor. Both scan like S because of the gloss.
Ranked the #14 prospect in the Cardinals system, the guy has shown a good bat, but questions about his glove work at 3rd base have kept him from 'making it'.
Both of these are up for trade.

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  1. Carlos Gonzalez? I have a huge collection of him I can part with. Auto's, Patches, Refractors. You name it. I can throw you a few M.L auto's for the two. I think they are numbered to 25.