Tuesday, January 12, 2010

BB's Card Shop Provides More Hits

This evening after work, I took a drive over to BB's Sports Cards. Ty, the owner, had pulled the last five 1989 Score football cards I needed for my complete set. As usual, he gave me a great deal.The Aikman rookie card was the prize of the bunch, but the Bo Jackson SPEEDBURNER card is my favorite. Bo was unstoppable in Tecmo-Bowl.

While there, I grabbed a couple of packs of 2009 Bowman DP&P. I am not a Bowman collector per se, because I don't like to get a bunch of cards of guys that will never make it to the bigs. I do, however, like to get a few packs each year just in case I get lucky and pull a rookie card of some future star.

These two packs yielded an auto refractor numbered to 250 of Allen Craig, a Cyan printing plate one-of-one of NOTGNIRRAH LEAHCIM, an Ichiro, a couple of WBC players, and a few more nobodies.

Sorry about the crappy scans of the Bowmans. Chrome cards scan like S.

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