Saturday, December 26, 2009

4 Packs of Goodwin

While out and about today, I hit one of the best card shops in Grand Rapids. All-Star Sports Cards is a card and memorabilia treasure trove. New wax, old wax, singles, sets, supplies, jerseys, balls. You get the picture. Dan the owner was not in, but another friendly guy was there. I have never been treated anyhting but well there.
I needed some 9-pockets and some magnetic single holders. A new, unopened box of Goodwin beckoned from a shelf on high. The guy offered to bust open the box for me. I selected 4 packs, 2 from the left side and 2 from the right. No, I didn't feel them up (because that would piss me off if I saw a guy doing that).

The results;

2 wastes of my time and money. I didn't think there could be anything worse than Yankee Stadium Lunacy, but this tops it. At least one was a baseball player.

8 base cards. Hamilton, Damon, a goalie, a dirt bike guy, a Twin, a knuckler, and 2 Phils.

A game used "M" card of Derrick Lee, and 2 SP's, Hall and Zim

6 mini's, including a black border Jordan. Two Adam Wainrights. The King Felix is a great action shot. Nice tats Beasley.
Goodwin is my favorite Retro Set of 2009. These 4 packs didn't change my opinion. All of them are available for trade.

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