Saturday, December 26, 2009

I live in Michigan, eh.

I got my wife a new pair of figure skates for Christmas. Today, while running around town, we took the skates to Patterson Ice Center for sharpening. The pro shop had all the usual stuff, skates, sticks, hockey sweaters, helmets, all the stuff one would need for hockey or figure skating. Off to one side of the shop, was a display case with hockey cards. Atop the case, packs for a buck! Packs with Stevie Y on them, even better. I grabbed 5 packs.

2001/02 Victory by UD. 10 cards per pack. With each pack featuring a Mr. Hockey 'GREATS' card.

The results;

2 gold paralells, Sakic and LeClair. Thornton, Iginla, Satan, Alfredsson, Nieuwendyk, Potvin, and more. The 'GREATS', Theo Fleury, Tkachuk, LeClair, Robitaille, and Jagr.

This concludes my Hockey card purchases for the next year. The cards are a little busy for me. They also suffer from the "sticky" syndrome that so many cards from the turn of the century suffer from. I like how cardboard slides through my hand when I am looking at cards.

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