Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dis-Ogrinazde am I

I have been working on a package of cards to send to Duane over at Democratic Roadkill. His 1983 Topps want list is my focus. I have a fairly huge box of 1983 Topps cards, so I thought I would knock out a big chunk of his list.
Most of my cards are a disorganized mess. All the 83's are together, but in no particular order. It's almost impossible to find a card when they are in a giant mish-mash. So, last night, I started collating.
This whopping 792 card set is great. Most cards feature an action photo. In one of the lower corners, is a head shot. Name, Position, and Team are simply organised and stacked in a lower corner (which makes for easy flipping through). I am drawn to simple, colorful designs like this.
Gwynn, Sandberg, and Boggs have rookie cards in this set. A true classic!

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