Tuesday, May 4, 2021


I was at my local Meijer the other day. I usually swing by the toy aisle to see if any hoarders have left scraps. To my surprise there were a few rack packs of 2021 Topps Heritage. I haven't been collecting baseball cards for a while. I felt the itch to open a pack so I bit.
First thing I did was check the odds on the wrapper. There are 7 million variations, short prints, parallels, and assorted nonsense. What a mess.
After ripping it open I was wondering if anything in there was "worth" anything. Off to eBay I went. What followed was a half hour of confusion. Mismatched backs? Missing stars? Throwback uniforms? For fucks sake! I might have something "valuable" but I need a degree to figure out if I do.
I'll toss this pack into a shoebox with the rest of the odds and ends I still have left from my collecting days.
Was it fun to open a pack? Yes. Will I be buying packs anytime soon? No.

His name has butt in it.
Hope you all are well. Peace.


  1. You need to make card collecting a full-time job to know what's what in the hobby these days.

    Glad to see a post SWG!