Thursday, April 30, 2020


As a kid, opening packs of cards was like Christmas morning. The excitement of seeing a Lou Whitaker or any Detroit Tiger appear as I slowly slide back a card was unmatched. As a big kid I still enjoy opening packs, but the cost per pack is ridiculously high. I buy a blaster here and there for fun, but mostly my collecting these days is sets.
My latest project has been going on for years. I decided to build the 60 card 2003 SP Golf Authentic Fabrics Singles set. The set features legends of golf. Tiger, Jack, Arnie, Freddy, Stadler, and more. It's quite a checklist. The cards are serial numbered. Most to 100, a some to 50, and a few to 25. Twenty frickin five.
I have collected 59/60 cards. I am one away from bliss. Annika Sorenstam /25 has eluded me. 
I was beginning to think that the card made the checklist but was never made. Over 10 years of eBay searching and nothing popped up. The autographed version has popped up numerous times. The relic not once. I tweeted about the card a few years ago and a fellow collector sent me a link to a Worthpoint showing the card. Verified! It was made. Twenty five. That's it. 
When I finally find the card it will feel like Christmas as a kid all over again.


  1. That's a great accomplishment! Would love to see the whole set posted!

    1. When I find the Swede you can bet I will post in all it's glory.

  2. Only 25 made. Tough find. Hopefully someone is ready to sell!

  3. Good luck! One day it will appear out of the blue!

  4. Good luck!

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