Friday, January 27, 2012

2011 Topps Value Boxes

I get drawn into hype occasionally. I am a bit of a sucker. When Stale Gum reported that there may be short printed cards in specially marked 2011 Heritage packs, I scurried to Target and dropped a couple of 20's on gravity feed packs. Was I pack searching? Probably. I was looking for numbers on the wrappers. The result... bust. No special numbering, no short print bonanza.
Lately, I have seen a couple of pieces written about 2011 Topps Value boxes.
Olds at Beckett has a blurb about it.
Mario wrote about it a couple weeks ago.
This dude at DPM Sportscards broke a box last October, and hit a relatively rare card.
I am feeling that itch to try my luck with one of these things.


  1. A ton of people on Blowout have been buying these up and pulling some surprisingly good stuff, mostly from the Chrome, including colored Refractor autos and 1/1s. It's as hit or miss as anything else but it's turned out some pretty decent stuff for some.

  2. I got an auto, nothing major out of one, from the Chrome.

    In the topps packs I've had decent luck too with one jersey and one auto redemption.

    A pretty decent deal if you ask me.