Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Card (With Cards!)

With the internet and free long distance phone service these days, sending Christmas cards has almost become a forgotten thing of the past. We used to get 40 to 50 cards a year. This year we have about 20.
The written word, pen to paper, is slowly becoming a lost art. There is something powerful about a carefully crafted letter or note. The words on the paper have a deeper meaning, because we know the author thought deep thoughts before committing to just the right word. There is no spell check or fragmented sentence warnings when we put pen to paper.
One of the cards we received this season was this beautiful etching-style card. The scene depicting the new Mom Mary showing off her bundle of joy to the three kings is special. Inside, is a three word message; LOVE, PEACE, HOPE. Three simple words that carry much weight. It means; if we love one another, peace on Earth will be created, and we have a hope for a brighter future. Whenever Jesus spoke about the kingdom of Heaven, he didn't talk about some far away place with puffy clouds, angels, flowing rivers of gold, all the food and wine one could consume... he talked about giving to the poor and helping the needy (“he who closes his eyes to the poor receives many curses.), and loving your neighbor  (“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another,”)   The here and now. Love one another today.
Inside the card were four sports cards.

I always like getting cards of guys from my teams (Detroit Tigers and Lions). Thanks. But it was the penned words that I liked best.
"Thanks for your support and encouragement! I pray that you and the sewingmachinegal have a fantastic Christmas."
It's the little things in life that carry weight and meaning. Love, Peace, and Hope, and oh yeah, sports cards.
Merry Christmas.

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  1. I too got a Christmas card from said blogger, and the Christmas card was much more appreciated than the cards inside (not that I didn't appreciate them as well). This is the kind of goodwill that makes our blogging neighborhood such a treasure.