Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 Blog of the Year

You can vote for 2011 Blog-of-the-Year over at Jaybarkerfan's Junk.
I am honored to be considered for Blog of the Year. Thanks for the nomination Owly.
"Did I have enough interesting content to be considered the best?"\
That is the question that is rattling around in my dome this morning.
There have been some posts that I have thought were uninteresting, uninspiring, and boring, and they have been well read and have many comments. There have been other posts where I did a bunch of scanning, linked to various sites, and put forth what I thought was good effort, only to get zero comments.
I guess I never know what will strike a chord with you my readers. I guess it doesn't much matter. I just like pouring out my thoughts for the world to read. Thanks for reading.

I threw down some cabbage this December for a group break. Thorzul hosted a break of Prime Patches and Playoff Absolute. I selected my favorite team, the Detroit Tigers, and was randomed the Rays. I got two great cards. Both numbered to /150.

Expecting my cards to arrive in the customary recycled bubble mailer, I was very pleasantly surprised to see a box arrive from the other side of Lake Michigan.
"Why a box?"
A bubble mailer could not hold this tin.
It's a metal tin from the UD 2005 Origins release. My cards from the break were delivered in a Ty Cobb tin! Awesome. Thanks buddy.

Back to the Blog-of-the-Year for a minute.
In my opinion, the best of 2011 are; (In no particular order)
Thorzul Will Rule (100 best, breaks, contests)
Cardboard Collections (affordable breaks, Sunday Verse)
The Chronicles of Fuji (even though he uses navy text on a black background sometimes)
Night Owl (interesting slants on collecting and observations on life in general)
Wait, there is an order, Thorzul had a great 2011.

I am so glad to be involved in a hobby and collecting community that is so full of great people. I love you guys and gals.


  1. Dude, it's still a great time, isn't it? Love the blogging game.

  2. Wow, thanks for thinking of little 'ol me!