Thursday, November 24, 2011

Suh IS Dirty

The game today was marred by an unsportsmanlike penalty on N-DUMB-ukong Suh. Suh has built a reputation as a dirty player. Before today, I kind of felt like he was being miscast in the bad boy role.
Hear me... He is a dirty player. Period.
On the play in question, with the score 7-0 Pack, the Lions had just stopped the Pack on 3rd down, forcing a field goal attempt. After the whistle, Suh drove the head of an opposing lineman in the ground and then rose up from the pile and intentionally stomped down on the guys arm. Flags fly, automatic first down, Suh ejected, next play Kuhn touchdown. Game over.
FROM DET NEWS.COM~"First and foremost, I'm only going to apologize to my teammates, my coaches and my true fans to allow the referee to have an opportunity to take me out of the game," Suh said.
Suh said he pushed Dietrich-Smith's head because he was being held down. As for the stomp, Suh said he was trying to keep his balance and get his foot untangled.
"What I did was remove myself from the situation in the best way I felt," Suh said.
Suh said he did not intentionally step on Dietrich-Smith.
"Not by any means," Suh said. "I understand … because of the type of player and type of person I am, all eyes are on me. So why would I do something to jeopardize myself and jeopardize my team?"
Are you friggin kidding me Suh?
Today was a wake-up call for all the Lions fans that thought this team was headed somewhere this season. We have a long way to go to play competitive games against great teams. 


  1. Inexcusable. He should be suspended. His talent is top-notch, his brain power, not so much.

  2. it all starts with the coach. His example leads the team.

  3. I agree 110%. I too was like "hey he's not really that bad," but then he stomps on the guy. And then he acts like he didn't mean to. Ridiculous.

    As for canuck's point - there was an interesting piece I read about Jim Schwartz being the same coach Albert Haynesworth and Cortland Finnegan had in Tennessee. Those guys turned into douches's possible Schwartz is to blame for letting Suh get this out of control. Obviously not 100%...Suh is part of that too...but Schwartz's mentality seems a tad...rougher...than other coaches.

  4. It's no way he "lost his balance". The refs would have been able to tell if he truly lost his balance or not. Everybody else in the world except Suh believes he did it on purpose.

  5. Is this the game guy who called the Falcons "dirty"?

    (insert Nelson Muntz .jpg here)

  6. I would respect him a hundred times more if he said "I have a problem channelling my aggression and am going to work on it" rather than what he said. Kudos to the Packers for not letting this instigate a riot.