Friday, November 25, 2011

A Book Review and an Assist

I had today off. No, I don't do the Black Friday shopping thing. I think it's stupid, a waste of money, and a cultural/societal stain. I went to the tire store for four new rubber rounds, hit one of the local card shops, took a nap, took a walk with the sewingmachinegal and dog, frosted sugar cookies, and soon will be watching Gnomeo & Juliet on NetFlix while giving said woman a foot rub. Guys, listen up, you dish out some solid footrubs to the women in your life while watching something that does not have guns and explosions, and your collecting life will be much better... trust me on this.
While waiting at the tire store, I read a story, "Blockade Billy" by Stephen King. Yes, the same King that brought us Cujo. That guy. I spotted this book at Shulers Books and the cover drew me in.
It's a book containing two stories. The first, the story of a ball player named William 'Billy' Blakely. It is about 80 pages long. Having played a lot of baseball, I find stories with baseball as the backdrop interesting.
A snip-it from the book; "... the kid whapped his glove on Anderson's chest while he was still three full steps from the dish. Then Anderson hit the kid's (Billy's) lowered shoulder. He went up and over and landed behind the left handed batters box. The umpire lifted his fist in the out sign. Then Anderson started to yell and grab his ankle. I could hear it from the far end of the dugout. I could see that Anderson's left pants cuff was turning red , and blood was oozing out between his fingers."
I really enjoyed this quick read. 
Sometime around mid-day, the mailman dropped off a few letters, some junk mail, and a bubble mailer. It was from Indiana. Potch sent this 2011 Heritage SP of World Series shortstop Elvis. Very cool. Thanks dude. 

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