Tuesday, November 22, 2011

MVP Voting (and Why Jim Ingraham is a Moron)

The 2011 American League Cy Young and MVP Winner
Some chromosome depleted moron from Cleveland left Justin Verlander completely off his MVP ballot. His name, Jim Ingraham.
This idiot thinks he is smarter than everyone else.
"...I don't believe pitchers should be eligible for the MVP Award." ~ Ingraham
Hey idiot, the rule clearly states that pitchers shall be considered for the award. You think the rule should be rewritten? Do something about changing the rule then.
This pea brain has written an article outlining his reasons for omitting Verlander. You can see the article here
In a nutshell, this soft headed fellow believes that Verlander is not worthy because he only appeared in 34 games this season. The window licker somehow thinks Verlander's impact is limited to just those 34 games. Hey nimrod, he let the bullpen rest every fifth day.
Incredibly, this jackball has been an MVP voter for 27 years.


  1. Joey Bautista: 655 Plate Appearances
    Justin Verlander: 969 Batters Faced

    Verlander, despite playing only 34 games, had 314 MORE chances to affect the game.

    So, even in a direct sense, Verlander affected more at bats than Bautista.