Monday, November 21, 2011

A Huge Trade Haul from Josh

I tossed out a post last week about my quest to complete the 2011 Heritage set. Josh over at Royals and Randoms responded that he had #492 Jason Castro for trade. "OK, send it over", I said.
"What else do you collect?", he inquired.
"Lions and Tigers."
"OK, I'll throw a few more cards together for you. I hate to mail just one card."

That stack is the "few extra cards".
I'm always amazed at what lengths fellow collectors will go to when trading. Josh went hway hway above and beyond here.
I don't have time tonight to scan everything, but here are a few of the coolest cards in the stack. Thanks for the cards.


  1. Glad they arrived safely!

    (Did you free Todd Jones from his plastic prison? I don't remember if that one had a coating on it still.)

  2. Ha! You noticed the peeled Jonesy! Good eye man!
    Great cards. Thanks again.