Wednesday, November 16, 2011

4 Packs of 2011 Topps Chrome Football

I was on the wrong side of the tracks a few days ago. BB's Sports Cards is over there. I popped in to see what was new. Nothing baseball-wise tickled my fancy (what are you... 70?). So, I settled for four packs of Topps Chrome Football. The price was $3.25 per pack. Four cards per pack. There's something about a four card pack that leaves me wanting. Kind of like ordering a burger and it arriving with chips and a pickle instead of fries.
Pack 1; A couple of hall-of-fame tight ends, a Lion, and a rookie Cowpoke. No refractage.
 Pack 2; Mark Ingram Rookie Recognition, Knowshon, and a couple of rookies. No refractage.
 Pack 3; Alex Green Finest Freshman, Sidney Rice, and a couple more scrub rookies. No refractage.
 Pack 4; Mikel Leshoure Bowman Chrome, Johnson, Mcfad, and a refractor Todman rookie.

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