Thursday, November 17, 2011

2011 Heritage, Yes, Still Working It

Well it's only been since April that I have been working on this set. Like I said then, and it still holds true, "the short prints suck."
I was poking around Check Out My Cards the other day, and prices for SP's have dropped. I knocked out a big chunk of my wants for under $30 bones shipped.

 This guy would look so good in a Tiger's uni.
 Creepy floating head rookie cards.
Some of my favorite cards from this set are the Sporting News All-Stars

The current want list is all SP's; 449, 454, 462, 464, 465, 467, 472, 475, 490, 495, 496, 498, 500


  1. I've got three spare short prints but unfortunately you already have them too... And yes, you are correct, short prints suck.

  2. I have #492 - Jason Castro - for trade. Take a look at my Zistle page to see if there is anything else on my tradelist that you need:

    My wants are anything KC Royals that I don't already have.