Sunday, October 16, 2011

Many Thoughts

2010 Topps Magic Relics #106
I am only two away from completing the 79 card 2010 Topps Magic Relics set. I won an auction from eBay seller bigboydsportscards3. This seller has something like a 78,567,294 feedback. I didn't check the feedback pre-bidding, because I needed the card and would take a chance no matter what. As I would learn, true to BigBoyd's form, the card took a long long time to arrive. Eleven days.
A quick tidbit about this card. When it was listed, I sent Big Boyd a message... "Will you take $40 for this card today to end the auction early?" At that point, the auction was fresh with no bids and a .99cent opening price. "
Boyd's response... "We don't end auctions early." 
That's it, just no. So, I have to sit my ass at my computer and hope I don't get sniped at the last second. The auction ended on October 4th at about 11pm. I got the card for $30 bucks shipped. Hey Boyd, you oughtta think about ending auctions early.
2008 UD Masterpieces (Captured on Canvas Jersey) #CC-VE
The MLB season ended with a massive thud last night. Yes, it still goes on for the Rangers and maybe the Brew Crew or Cards, but for us Tiger's fans, it's over. The Tiger's went farther than I thought they would. Knocking the Yankees out of the playoffs was a real highlight. 
A few thought's about the season that was and next year;
- The Tiger's need a legit leadoff man. Austin Jackson had an OBP of .317, and was 2nd in the league in K's with 187. A couple of horrendous stats for a guy that is supposed to be a table setter. 
- A back up catcher is a must. Alex Avila played 11 postseason games and had 3 hits. Our All-Star catcher looked very tired. The reason for Alex's tiredness was; Victor Martinez, our back up catcher could not catch due to injury.
- Delmon Young was an excellent late season addition. He provided some much needed pop in the line-up. He's a free agent, and I hope the Tiger's wait a while before offering him a contract. He seems like a bit of a head case to me. 
- Justin Verlander took a step into a new level of star this year. He was always dominating, but not like this year. I hope he continues the trend next year. 
- An everyday 2nd baseman is a must. We played the year with a hodgepodge of guys there. 
2009 Upper Deck #67 
The Detroit Lions lost their first game of the season today. It's mid-October. No one, not even the most ardent Lion's fan thought they would be 5-1 at this point. The Lions looked like a team that thought they were going to show up and accept a gift win today. They were sloppy, uninspired, undisciplined, slow, and generally lethargic all day. It should be a fun week of practice for them this week as they prepare for the Falcons. 

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  1. Glad you got the Witten for a better price.

    I'm glad the Rangers won, but the Tigers are really good. I was glad not to have to face Doug Fister on Sunday. I don't think I've ever seen a catcher get nicked more than Avila. That guy is tough.