Sunday, August 14, 2011

Blessings in Cardboard

I have always used a famous quote on my blog. You may have noticed it near my image on the right. Usually, it's a quote from a baseball player, or some other sports figure. Recently, I started using the brief "About Me" text near my image to place a quote from famous thinkers. Today, is the first day that I use a quote from the most famous thinker ever, Jesus Christ. 
Ok, yeah, I know I just lost half of you, and that's Ok. To each his own.
The reasons I used today's quote are; 1.) It relates to card collecting 2.) It pays homage to one of my favorite bloggers, Colbey from Cardboard Collections 3.) I am a Christian. it's selfish of me to not spread the good news about Jesus.
A couple of days ago, I got a box in the mail. The above stack shows what was enclosed.  Return address... Rock Hill, SC. I did not have any trades in the works with Hops. I didn't get in on one of his awesome El-Cheapo Group Breaks. "Why is this box-o-cards here?", I thought. I think I have figured it out... sort of. It's not as simple as, "love your neighbor as yourself", but it's close.  
 1994 Fleer Extra Bases. They're big!

 For comparison, an Extra Bases, a regular, and a gypsy Queen Mini.
 Hands down the coolest card in the box. Check out the sliding player.
 1986 O-Pee-Chee. I don't have much O in my collection.
 An awesome Papa Grande card. If you have not been paying attention to the Tigers, Papa is having a record setting season. Details here at the Detroit Freep.
 Travis fryman was a guy that I thought would become a lifetime Tiger. In the mold of a Trammell or a Kaline. He went to Cleveland at some point, and that was that. Nice Leaf Limited card. 
 These guys look like they're in pain.
There are many other cool cards in the stack. Maybe I will show them off at some point. Maybe I will pay them forward. Either way, the gesture is 'sew' much appreciated. You brought a bit of joy to me Hops. Thanks.


  1. great cards and love the quote!....a great reminder to keep the hobby in prospective

  2. Luke 12:15, very appropriate, and well said.

  3. what a lousy teacher I am.....should be perspective....must be the summer vacation!

  4. Thanks for sharing that verse. Running a blog and having so many hobbies it's easy for one to loose perspective.