Monday, July 25, 2011

Some Kellogg's For Breakfast

My friend Kevin dropped off a great little stack of cards at my shop a few weeks ago. I just brought them home over the weekend. Kev works part time at one of our local card shops, All Star Sports Cards, and picks up Kellogg's 3-D cards for me when he can get them.
These are 1992 Kellogg's made in conjunction with Sportflics. I didn't know Kellogg's was still making these type cards as late as 1992. My collection mostly has stuff from the late '70's through early '80's.
These cards are "normal" size compared to the smaller versions they mostly used during the earlier years.

Once again, Kevin just dropped these off with nothing more than a, "I thought you would like these". It's great to have friends like Kevin. What if the whole world operated that way? What a place it would be. Thanks Kev!

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  1. Hey BuzzSaw, I have a few here: