Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cadillac is WAY Cooler

Born Carnell and now Cadillac. What a cool nickname. I wonder if he drove an Escalade at Auburn?
My name is Larry. Not the coolest name ever invented. We have Bird and Fitzgerald... and Hagman. See, not the coolest.
If I could nickname myself, the top three would be;
#3 ~ PickAxe ~ My brother-in-law dubbed me pickaxe a few years ago when we were erecting a fence. I liked it, but it really didn't stick.
#2 ~ BuzzSaw ~ The name brings to mind accidental injury, loudness, gnashing teeth, and general toughness. I tried to get the sewingmachinegal to call me buzzsaw instead of babe (hey, it ain't honey) a while back. Again, that didn't stick.
#1 ~ Mustang ~ American Car related, check. Horsepower, check, Cool sounding, check.
There you have it. My list of wanted nicknames.
I will still probably be relegated to Lar.
With the Cadillac now in my collection, all I need to complete the 73 card 2010 Topps Magic Relics set are, Jason Witten, Dez Bryant, and Chad Greenway. I have offered a handsome reward for capture of any of those 3 cards. It still stands. Keep your eyes out for those. Thanks.

1 comment:

  1. My best friend calls me "Thunder" which is a great nickname until you know the reason for the name. He calls me that because I make a ton of noise but don't do any damage (in other words my bark is bigger than my bite).
    And, my wife and I call each other "pal" and "buddy" rather than the usual sweety/honey/babe/darling/etc.
    And I'd vote for PickAxe for your name. It's unique and cool sounding.
    Nicknames are fun.