Saturday, July 9, 2011

Holmes /25

Snagged this Santonio Holmes from a guy at the Bench Trading. Got it for something like $15 bucks shipped. One of my buddies calls him Sanantonio Holmes. He also butchers the Steelers Pomalamu.
 I am getting close to completing this 73 card set. All I need are;
#99 Cadillac Williams
#106 Jason Witten
#186 Dez Bryant
#204 Chad Greenway
I am still offering a bounty to anyone that leads me to one of these.
I saw Horrible Bosses tonight. It was very funny. Bateman, Sudeikis, and Day were great. 


  1. I think this is the Welker you need, so you've got plenty of time to scrape together some cash to outbid someone for it

  2. We got a guy who butchers Polamalu. His name is Greg Jennings.

  3. @Cal- I am bidding on the Welker and the Barber. I offered the dude a fair offer for both if he would end the auctions early. He declined. I am hoping to win both at a much lower price than I offered.
    @Thorzul- Funny. Those Western Michigan guys are not always well spoken. If you can, dig up some tape of Louis Delmas. You'll hear the words "ya know" a million times as he speaks.

  4. That's a pretty sweet card. I had one, but sold it to this awesome guy on the Bench. You may know him. HAHA! Glad you enjoyed the card.