Thursday, June 2, 2011

National Chicle Auto's

Since I finished off my 2006 Artifacts auto set, I have been looking for a new auto project.
I grabbed a couple of 2010 Topps National Chicle auto's. Tobi Stoner and Denard Span. Now I remember why I didn't buy much Chicle. These are ugly.

The checklist is ok, and ok may be a stretch too. Check it out.

NCA-1 Stan Musial
NCA-2 Ryan Howard
NCA-3 Buster Posey
NCA-4 Gordon Beckham
NCA-5 Shane Victorino
NCA-6 Carl Yastrzemski
NCA-7 Chone Figgans
NCA-8 Rick Porcello
NCA-9 Denard Span
NCA-10 Koji Uehara
NCA-11 Pablo Sandoval
NCA-12 Andrew McCutchen
NCA-13 Andrew Bailey
NCA-14 Nelson Cruz
NCA-15 Neftali Feliz
NCA-16 Jhoulys Chacin
NCA-17 Tyler Flowers
NCA-18 Madison Bumgarner
NCA-19 Brandon Allen
NCA-20 Henry Rodriguez
NCA-21 Drew Stubbs
NCA-22 Kevin Richardson
NCA-23 Reid Gorecki
NCA-24 Eric Young Jr.
NCA-25 Josh Thole
NCA-26 Neil Walker
NCA-27 Carlos Carrasco
NCA-28 Tobi Stoner
NCA-29 Luis Durango
NCA-30 Tommy Manzella
NCA-31 Adam Moore
NCA-32 Brent Dlugach
NCA-33 Michael Brantley
NCA-34 Juan Francisco
NCA-35 Ian Desmond
I wont be building this set. The cards are just too dang fugly. Any suggestions?


  1. How about 2004 Topps Fan Favorites? Some good names in that set, plus some obscure ones as well. Just the way a set should be.

  2. Greats of the Game Nicknames.

    (I thought the Chicle autos were some of the best autos last year)

  3. I have the Yaz, which is pretty cool-looking, but that Tobi Stoner is HIDEOUS!

  4. I didn't know there was a Nelson Cruz in there. I pulled a Henry Rodriguez and traded for the Feliz. Hmm..

  5. I am actually working towards this set. If you want to unload these autos for something more appealing, let me know.