Monday, May 23, 2011

Who is Pop Startled?

First, some dude named Pop Startled won my 500th blog post Give-Away. I have not heard from him yet. His blogger account is blocked/private. If anyone knows how to get a hold of Pop, let him know he needs to contact me for his winnings.

Second, I got a nice little trade package from The Tomahawk Chopper, Derek. He was nice enough to send me a few great relics. The J.V. is the key for me.

The more I see these UD Masterpieces cards, the more I am smitten with them.
Thanks for the trade D.


  1. Damn I remember that JV too, you beat me to it haha.

  2. Masterpiece were on card also. Maybe it is the product you were looking for about a week ago when you asked what auto set to collect next.

  3. The whole "Stroke of Genius" thing just looks weird to me. I thought about it.