Monday, May 16, 2011

Trade with Tony, er, Ike

I made my second trade with the team from Belleville, Illinois, Ike and Tony of Ike's Cards fame. This father and son duo, once again, lopsided me. What's lopsiding? It's when you make a trade, and the bounty that you get back is above and beyond what you sent. Somehow, I always seem to get the better end of trades. This was a Tigers collectors dream.
First up, a beautiful Dick Perez DK. Dang these are great looking cards!
1991 Diamond Kings Tony Phillips #DK-25
 2010 Topps 206 Jeremy Bonderman 88 (quite possibly the ugliest card ever)
 A trio of 2004 Fleer Platinum cards. 2004 is smack dab in the middle of one of my non-collecting era's. It's always nice to get cards from a year that you have none of. Meat Hook is listed as a DH, ouch.
2004 Fleer Platinum Young, Monroe, Bonderman #'s 84, 165, 70
 A huge mish-mash of Tigers from all era's. A couple of J.V.'s, A Kenny, A Mags, and a Guillen to name a few.
 Another set from a year I didn't collect cards. 2006 UD Ovation. These are beautiful looking baseball cards. I have said it a million times, how can the designers that worked for UD not be doing something for Topps or Panini? I am almost always impressed by UD baseball cards. These Ovation cards are on a nice thick card stock, and have a textured feel to them.
2006 UD Ovation Shelton, Casey, Pudge #'s 73, 59, 74
 And the cream d la cream, and the main card that I thought I was trading for, a 2009 Topps U&H Rick Porcello auto. Porcello is having a solid season so far.
2009 Topps Updates & Highlights Rick Porcello #CQA-RPO
Thanks for the great trade guys. The quick delivery is much appreciated. I will keep my eyes peeled for any Cards cards for you two.

Also, check back later this week as I post my 500th blog entry. There will be a nice prize given away. That's right, given away.

Oh yeah, one more thing... My softball team is 3-1 after a nice win tonight. I continued my hot hitting, and am now 11 for 12 on the season. I love getting out on the field and spitting in my glove, sliding into 2nd, driving in a run, gunning a guy out from my ss position, and just hanging with the fellas for an hour.


  1. That Bonderman is awful. Is there anyone wondering why Topps 206 disappeared?