Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Sickly Collector and a Video

I was at Target today after church. The usual Target run has the sewingmachinegal veering off towards the purses while I veer off to the card aisle. Today was no different.
While checking out the variety of cards available, this old scraggly looking guy approached. He was looking at cards too. I mentioned how pleased I was to see Gypsy Queen rack-packs.
"I don't collect baseball cards. Hockey only", he rasped. Followed by a series of hacking coughs and gurgles.
"Those Crown Royale cards were pretty nice looking", I offered.
"Overpriced as hell. (cough)", he replied.
Sensing the guy's cranky mood, coupled with his gross knuckles, and that awful hacking cough, I decided it was time for me to grab my $9 buck rack-pack and move on.
"You catchin' a cold or something?", I inquired.
"Damn strep throat. Can't get rid of it!", he shot back.
Definitely time to move on.
"OK pal, I hope you get better", is all I could think to say to this guy.
As I turned to walk away, I saw him grab the whole box of UFC loosies and start to feel them up. Dude was a pack searcher! I turned the corner and watched ebola-man handle a bunch of cards. I swear, someone that buys cards at the Clyde Park Target is gonna get a nasty virus. I never thought much about the wrapper of cards being tainted, but after my encounter with this diseased guy, I might start dusting the packs with Lysol before I open them.


  1. a pack that has a Chipper Jones parallel=WIN.

  2. Fun video. Sorry you didn't get the real ROY (Feliz). Kidding. A little.

    Congrats on your approaching 500th post!

  3. those blasters are awesome!
    i think Topps says 7+1 as a way to cover their butts as far as the odds go (sp's are "1:4")

  4. First off... sweet Steve Kemp poster! I love those SI posters from the 70's/80's. I wish I could find some of these rack packs at my local Target... I'd like to open one or two, so I can check it out.