Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Retail GQ Hit!

While at Target tonight, I bought bird seed, creamer, D batteries, and three packs of loose Gypsy Queen from a box on a shelf. They were out of the rack packs and blasters. The packs were $2.99 each.
The base cards:
90 Posey
94 Jeter
187 Berkman
137 Romero
36 Vlad
281 Pierre
171 ManRam
121 Cuddyer
172 Zimmerman
82 Starlin
Four inserts; SF10 Wright, FS6 Cahill, GO24 Cobb, and GO28 Ruth. Yeah! Cobb!
The three mini's are 178 Figgins, 232 Jhonny red back, and 68 Gary Carter
And lastly, a Nick Markakis auto! I absolutely LOVE beating the odds in retail. I don't know if Markakis is a Group A, B, or C, but at best the odds are 1:108. The other great thing about an auto hit in loosey retail packs... the douche-bag pack searcher that turned this box upside down, walked away with maybe a jersey card of some scrub like Brett Gardener. 

As always, I am up for trading anything you see on my blog. 


  1. Great hit. That is the best auto I have seen pop. I have seen multiples of two different Oakland A's pitchers and some guy on the Cubs, but Markakis is a bona fide star. Congrats.

  2. According to my empty blaster box here Nick is part of Group B or 1:127 packs.

    I've bought 2 blasters thus far and got a hit in each box! 1 auto and one framed mini relic. Guess that's where the extra cards from the hobby boxes ended up...in retail!

  3. Thanks for the info Colbey. I feel your pain with the scrub auto's. I pulled two Cashner auto's (that's the Cub scrub).

  4. What do you need for that Markakis auto? We have some Tigers autos and relics if you want to trade.

  5. Forgot to say that we've opened four GQ rack packs and pulled three relics.

  6. Nice hit. Still haven't seen any around here.

  7. @IC ~ A Tiger auto would be cool. Send an offer or two over.

  8. oh man, you KILLED it! NIIIIIICE!

    i have to get to ripping my stash lol

  9. I pulled that card out of a blaster a few weeks back as well! Great pick up