Saturday, May 14, 2011


After checking the Gypsy Queen checklist over at BaseballCardPedia, I grabbed my modest stack of cards, and started looking for the UER's (uncorrected errors).
Cards 60 (Rogers Hornsby), 98 (Aroldis Chapman) and 235 (Johnny Bench) are listed as uncorrected error cards. I have two outta three.

The Hornsby shows a Cincinnati C instead of the Cubs C.

 The Bench shows a Boston B instead of the Cincinnati C.

I remember when Bump Wills Blue Jays cards were cool. Errors for the sake of errors, not so cool.


  1. I noticed the Bench but didn't say anything, because I'm lazy like that? I wonder if some of these errors, especially with the logos, came from some last minute shuffling of players when they reduced the set size.

  2. You think that these might be intentional errors?
    I suppose it's always possible, but it just seems like this is more likely a legit printing error.

  3. I don't think the Hornsby is an error, although Wrigley Wax should have the final say on that. As Dressed to the Nines can attest, that was actually the Cubs "C" when Hornsby played. If this is correct, then I give a HUGE amount of credit to Topps for their attention to detail on that card.