Monday, May 9, 2011

The Georgia Peach

When I returned to collecting baseball cards in 2008, I was mainly focused on Upper Deck Goudey. I had bought a few packs of it and loved the old-school-ish feel of the cards.
One of the sets that flew way under my radar was Masterpieces. Maybe it was the price tag, maybe my local card shop didn't carry it, I don't know... I didn't buy any of it at the time.
During one of my trips to K-Mart a year or so ago, I spotted blaster boxes of Masterpieces marked down to $11.99. I grabbed a few, and now have a sprinkling of Masterpieces in my collection.
Lately, I have been following Joe Collector's pursuit of every card ever made by Upper Deck in the Masterpieces line. OK, every card is is a bit extreme, but he is gathering an awesome collection of cards. Go check it out for yourself.
My goals for the set are way more tame. I am collecting the Ty Cobb from 2007 and the Justin Verlander from 2008. Verlander pitched a no-hitter the other day if you had not heard.
I recently scored this Cobb on eBay for something like $10 bucks. I would give you an exact amount, but I can't find the auction right now. (need more coffee.) A blue framed beauty numbered 31/75, it shows Cobb giving a catcher a flying karate slide kick to the nether regions. Nasty!

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