Sunday, May 22, 2011

The '82 Box Sorted

Last night, I watched Zombieland and sorted through the 1982 box of cards from the garage sale haul. Since the sewingmachinegal was out for the evening, Zombieland was the choice. The sewingmachinegal doesn't like such movies. "I don't like movies with psychos", she always says. Woody Harrelson was great in his role as an ass kickin' red neck.
Onto the loot.
First, let's get this right out of the way... there was no Ripken rookie card. There were a bunch of Future Stars though.
The box had been raided of most of the big stars. There were no Rose, Brett, Schmidt, Henderson, Yaz, or the like. The raiders did overlook these guys though. 9 Molitors, 8 Rices, 4 Blylevens, 5 Gossages, 9 Stargells, and 6 Murrays.
Most of the good All Star cards had been snatched. I was left with a bevy of these guys. My boyhood friend Connie Swanson used to do a Scotty McGregor when we would play home-run derby in his driveway. McGregor sort of had an across the body delivery. Connie had it down.
Up until the early '80's, most baseball card images had guys in awkward poses. Like this Tanana. Joe Garagiola once said about Tanana, "You could catch him using a Kleenex."
Possibly because cards like the Tanana are fugly, or perhaps the feedback was positive for cards with game action shots, Topps introduced a sub-set called In Action. Most of the big names were removed from this box, but there were some good ones left behind. I bet Luzinski was ecstatic with the Sox jersey's that didn't have to be tucked in.
There were a few Tigers in the box. Gotta show 4 of my favorites from the team that would win the '84 World Series.
Last but not least, a card of one of my all-time favorite players... in name only. My first ever blog post was about Shooty.
Well, that's it for the 82 box. I will probably go ahead and put together a set of this stuff now. When I get it all sorted out, I will have a bunch of mint doubles to deal.
Thanks for reading. Peace.


  1. My 3rd grade teacher's dad was Greg Luzinki. He was a pretty cool guy. I brought some of my uncle's old card he had given me, and got them signed with like "stay in school" or "don't do drugs".

  2. This is why I love those multiplayer rookies, look at all those great players! Barfield, Butler, Hrbek, Brunansky, Brenly and Chili were all pretty decent players.

  3. Great stuff!

    just an fyi...Topps introduced "In Action" subset cards in the '72 set.

    did you get through the '81s yet?

  4. Looks like there were still plenty of Good cards in there even if the "hot" cards from that set weren't.