Monday, April 25, 2011

I Really Don't Get Us

In another frustrating trip to the Topps website last night, I came across something that made me shake my head. No, not another broken link, or page missing message, or content not available, it was an announcement that a set of Royal Wedding cards would be available on QVC.

Some people might look at my collecting cards of baseball players, and other sports figures as weird. It kind of is, after all, like our buddy north of the border says, they're just Pictures of Men. I feel it's acceptable to be a fan of sports, and collect the crap associated with it.

What I don't get is the massive coverage of the Royal wedding. The sewingmachinegal and I usually have the Today show on in the morning. For a variety of reasons, that maybe I will delve into later, I can hardly stand SportsCenter anymore. Today has spent millions covering the build-up to the wedding of the century. Who gives a crap? In my circle of friends and acquaintances, no one admits to giving a crap. I wonder what segment of our society cares about these powerless Brits.

Now Topps is on the bandwagon with their 50 card
commemorative set. Why? Ugh. I know there is a collector for everything, but really, collectible trading cards of a damn wedding?


  1. not that I give a crap either, but living in a country that is under Royal rule, or whatever the hell it's called, as a LOT of countries in this world are.... I see it around me every day.
    There are a lot more who care than don't...

    scary as that may be....

  2. My wife is having a Royal Wedding Party/Sleepover with some of her women friends. I figured, meh, what the hey? It's an excuse to get together. I'll be sleeping, though. And unless there are any Twins in the Topps set, I won't be collecting any of those.

  3. Panini have been selling stickers for the wedding, along with an album for about a month now over here in the UK. Not sure if anyone is buying them though.
    I'm actually looking forward to the wedding. We dont often get huge national events like that so it will be interesting to see. Plus I get an extra day off work this week because of it.

  4. The only reason to pay any attention is for the excellent snarky MST3K/Cheap Seats-style riffing potential on every little meaningless fluff piece the newsies are falling over themselves to cover. Other than that, it's a total mindscrew. It sorta makes me feel like when Captain Kirk gives the killer robot a logic problem. It DOES NOT COMPUTE so hard my brain wants to explode. ARGH!