Friday, March 25, 2011

PSA 7 Nolan

Snagged a card of one of my all-time favorite pitchers, from one of my favorite '70's sets. The 1976 Nolan Ryan #330.

The card features a sullen Nolan in the shadow of the dugout roof.

Graded a 7 not because of poor centering or soft corners. I suspect it was given the grade because of the odd printing bubble in the shadow of his right collar bone area.The bubble is only visible if I tilt the card at just the right angle.

7 No-hitters. 5,714 strikeouts. 324 wins. Kicked Robin Ventura's ass.


  1. Someone's getting into slabs i see? NICE! Great Pickup!

  2. Yeah, It started with the Kaline cards. it's expanded to some of my all-time favorite players (except the Bobby Valentine. That was a total blur pick up).

  3. Nothing wrong with Slabs at all. But they sure are a powerful drug. Also, they really are the best way to buy singles online.