Sunday, March 27, 2011

Check Your Heritage for Tinting

I grabbed a blaster box of 2011 Heritage from Meijer (Midwest based big box store) today. The cards at Meijer are 20% off right now.

Sifting through the packs, I noticed something odd about the Heath Bell card. It had a green tint to it. Checking the box, I noticed that there are green tint variations seeded 1:108 packs. Damn! Those are long odds. To compare, a Clubhouse Collection relic card falls 1:58 packs.

You can get more info on tint variations at


  1. I'm looking for the Target red tint of Braves players. I saw the other day Walmart has blue tint cards so I may have to keep my eyes open for them too. I can do without the green tint though.

  2. So you left a comment on my blog about my Marlins team card being a green tint SP, but according to the topps blog

    "Replicating the original 1962 Topps , there are short printed GREEN TINT variations. Subjects include cards 110-158 and 160-196. These are found in hobby boxes only."

    I've only bought my packs/boxes from Target, so I'm thinking it's still an SP of some sort, but probably not a green tint SP. Probably a less rare variation of some sort.

    PS: I also noticed that the Padres Team Card has the Indians stats on the back, wonder if that's an intended error or not, interesting stuff in this year's Heritage, no doubt!

    Cameron @