Sunday, February 27, 2011

Houston TX Card Shops?

I am taking a quick trip to Houston soon. According to CardShopFinder, there are 14 shops in the Houston area. What are the ones to hit? Thanks.


  1. Hey, there are two from the list that I go to on a regular basis. First if Houston Sports Connection, their site is Usually pretty good prices and even better if you pay cash. The other is Sports Collectibles of Houston. It's only open Thur-Sat from 11am-6pm but they sell vintage cheap in dollar buckets. They are in a ghetto a bit, but it's worth heading over there if you're looking for cheap vintage and/or old commons to fill out sets, their site is They don't sell much in terms of packs or boxes, but they have a lot of singles and if you buy in bulk they discount it pretty well.

    From the link list, I'll warn you that the Field of Dreams, Bedrock and Strike Zone do not sell baseball cards. Bedrock is a comic book and anime type store, Field of Dreams is pure memorabilia but worth a look if you're looking for that kind of stuff and Strike Zone has switched format to Pokemon and Magic cards ONLY.

  2. Be careful. Some of those are no longer in business and a few, like Bedrock City, are stricly comics. I know that Houston Sports Connection is good. My favorite, though, isn't on the list. It's Odyssey II, and is located at 2425 Fry Road, Katy, TX 77449.