Sunday, February 13, 2011

Graded Cards (and those that grade)

One of my all-time favorite cards is the 1981 Topps Willie Stargell. The combination of colors in Pops' uniform, the black old school cap, combined with the yellow border, and that awesome piece of photography make this card special. So many times guys get cards like this Grubb, and I wonder, why are not all cards as well thought out as the Stargell?

While doing an eBay search for a graded 81 Willie, I came across this auction. The grade is lower than I want, but the slab caught my eye. GRADE 7.5 in bold yellow across the top. It kind of looks like a cheap post-it note was stuck on a card holder. Oh no! There is an actual grading company that uses this "style" of holder. Arrow Grade. You can check out this company on their website. They will grade any card for $3 bucks. That is quite cheap compared to PSA ($15 per card) or Beckett ($7-$9 with a 45 day wait). Arrow Grading is run by a guy named Frank Garo.

I have never seen a graded card like the Stargell, and don't think I will ever pay for one. It looks cheap ass. I am all for less expensive grading services, but not if it looks like hell when it's slabbed.

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  1. the 1981 topps cards are tough to obtain in high(er) grade. Pops is no exception. i am on the look out for a PSA 9 of the card for my collection.

    that company you listed is worthless.

    There are three companies worth grading with. PSA, BGS and SGC. thats it, all the others are crap.