Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Magic Pigskin?

Michigan and Michigan State, and the rest of the Big 10, er, 11, er 12 got shellacked today. A horrid day for the upper Midwest schools. Can we fire Rich Rod yet? It was so bad, that I left just after halftime of the Michigan game.

I stopped by All-Star Sports on the way to my Dad's house today. I grabbed a few packs of 2010 Topps Magic. I am smitten with the set. I got these 3 legends, which I think are short prints. I can not be sure, because the jackballs at Topps have not got around to publishing a checklist on their website. Go ahead, check, I will wait.
Lame ain't it?
I also got a couple of black bordered mini's. Question; Has anyone pulled a Pigskin mini #'d/50? I have seen them on eBay, and aside from the serial number, they look like a regular mini. What's the difference? Do they feel different?


  1. see my blog for the pictures of two of the mini's...if you hold them in the light carefully, they have some very slight dimples in the have to hold them carefully to get slight glare to see the very subtle difference...not sure if my scan accurately picked it up but that's what I think makes it different

  2. I'm definitely diggin' this year's Topps Magic... beautiful set!

  3. I like the Magic. I'm going to buy it year when it's cheaper. (I hope).