Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ever Get One of These?

No, not a Turkey Red. No, not a Mark Buehrle.

I'm talking about a card that comes in the mail, and you don't remember why?

I looked back through my recent COMC, eBay, and Sportlots pick-ups, and I didn't buy this.

I dug back through my e-mail folders (Note to self; clean up your dang e-mail folders)... nothing.

This Buehrle is from the set I'm building, and is one of the short prints that I needed. A Joe from Red Hook, NH sent it. Joe, if you read this, hit me with a comment or e-mail so I know why you sent me this card. Oh, and thanks for the card man!

I feel so absent minded right now.


  1. That has happened to me once or twice. One time I got some cards that I knew were from a contest from one of the card forum sites but I couldn't remember which one. It took me about a month but I eventually found out which site/contest they were from.

    What gets me, and usually not in a good way, is when you buy a card or some cards from Ebay or sportlots and the dealer throws in some bonus cards that don't make any sense other than they are the same sport. For example you get some vintage Semi-Star Mets from the '60s and the seller tosses in some whose-his-face Astros from the late 1990s. OK a few points for sending the bonus stuff, but minus several million for being totally unrelated (and probably not wanted). At least send some Mets or some 60s commons.

  2. haha You sent me a couple Turkey reds to help with my set! This was the only double I had that you needed, so I sent it your way in exchange. Thanks again dude!

  3. OH YEAH! The Sandlot guy. Nice memory. Thanks for the trade.