Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Topps Magic Football Review

For my birthday earlier this month, my Dad got me a gift certificate to BB's Sportscards. BB's is my favorite LCS. It's on Division Ave. in Grand Rapids, MI. I'd include a link to their website, but they don't have one. They spend their time at the shop providing collectors with the latest releases. Ty the owner and his Dad are great guys. They are regular Joe's, and I like that.

One of the other LCS's is located in a nice shopping mall. The prices there reflect the high rent. The owners are kind of pompous a-holes.

Today I picked up 5 packs of 2010 Topps Magic Football. Since Topps has a 3rd grader running their website, no information is available about the set. Really Topps, can't you take a bit of the profits from your card monopoly and hire a legitimate webmaster? Your site blows. The search feature blows. You can see set details here at DA Cardworld's site.

I opened up one pack so far. In it I got an autographed card of Brian Brohm. A mini of Riley Cooper, and 6 base cards. Last years Magic release had the players in their college uniforms. This year we get them in their NFL uni's. The cards are cardboard. I love the feel of a good old cardboard card. Shiny chrome is nice, but the feel of cardboard transports me back to my youth. I guess that's why I collect. I like to remember games, places, good times with my Dad and Brother. Back to the cards. The front is quite simple. Player name, position, and team logo at the bottom. A huge player image and a translucent Topps Magic at the top. The player images are definitely photo-shopped. They almost look comic-bookish in the way they are so heavily shaded. One thing is very noticeable; NFL players have lots of tats, and the artists focused their detailing there.


  1. I bought a pack tonight at Target. I definitely dig them. "Best" card was a Jahvid Best RC.

  2. Damn, the artists definitely drew every muscle down to the T.

  3. Wow they look nicer than last years Inaugural set. I was turned off by them because of the heavy exclusive use of the College Uniforms.

  4. I saw some blasters of them at Target yesterday and wondered what they looked like...although I liked the college uniform theme from last year, these do look pretty cool.

  5. These look nicer than I thought they would. Guess I'll have to track down a team set of this year's worst team in the NFL (Carolina Panthers for those living under a rock).