Saturday, July 17, 2010

Odds and Ends

I am in a major collecting funk. The combination of; product that isn't inspiring to me, and no extra cabbage have me down. I spent an hour or so tonight putting some cards in 9-pockets. You know how when you're putting a set in pages, and there are gaps, and you're counting blank spots so that when you get a card, you can fill the spot, and then you notice you skipped a spot or got a card out of order, and then have to go back to the point of fuck up, and then take out each card and slide it over one spot...I hate that.
I have been sifting through the mongo garage sale boxes I scored back on Memorial weekend. It's such a mish-mashed mess that I almost hate to go through it. Also, the dude must have kept them under his bed, because they are full of dust. Every time I sort through them, I get a runny nose. That can't be good.
Some time earlier this year I thought I would like to try hosting a group break. What could be hard about finding fans for each team, collecting money, buying boxes, ripping wax, posting the results, and sending out then cards? I was getting aced out by a certain roofer time and again for the Tigers in some breaks. Another blogger, Paul over at Crawford Cards was missing out on his Rays. I proposed a dual hosted break. I would get the Tigers, Paul would get the Rays. The first break happened. The second break happened. The third break happened. And then I quit. Yup. Quit. Left my breaking buddy high and dry. I feel shitty about it. He plows ahead without me. In fact, there are a few spots left in the current break if you want in. I had no idea the amount of time and effort involved in pulling one of these things off. The one and only one I did ended with someone pissed at their haul. Hosting breaks is not for me. Sorry Paul.
The All-Star Game should have ZERO bearing on the World Series. What a fucking stupid arrangement.
The Detroit Tigers need a catcher, and one gets traded to the Rangers. The Tigers need a shortstop, and one gets traded to the Braves. If DUMBrowski and Leyland think the roster in its current condition will lead to anything but a second or third place finish, they are both nuts.
The Allen & Ginter's Red Framed cards are awesome looking. When I get motivated, I may try to build that set. Just the baseball players though. Judson Lappley?! Fire swallowers, Frisbee dogs, lame American Idols, the prices for some of those cards is nuts. I like the Negro League cards.
There is a blaster of 09 Goudey at my local Meijer. It has been there forever, taunting me, beckoning me. The supplier has not slapped a discount sticker on it for some reason. When he does, I will pounce. I miss Upper Deck baseball.
I like watching Tiger Woods struggle to find his game. Stupid prick. Drugs, we forgive. Totally fucking up a marriage with two kids, that's going to be tough to forgive. I admire his game, but I have no respect for him.
Mel Gibson is a nut job.
I just ate a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats. They might crack my top 3 all-time favorite cereals soon.


  1. i had the blahs....till Ginter i am obsessed. I have pretty much given up on 09 goudey, even though i just need a few of the SPs, it just never shows up anywhere. Totally agree on Frosted Mini Wheats.....they are great....oh wait that is some other brand that i really like as well!

  2. Top 5 cereals for me: Life, Frosted Mini Wheats, Raisin Bran Crunch, Honey Bunches of Oats, Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

    Also, participating in group breaks is difficult. I rarely get the team(s) I want and I sometimes participate for fun. But at some point, they cost as much as a box from the mid-90s I can rip apart.

    A random order group break is cooler for me because you get random cards from random teams, though it's much harder for the host to put the cards in order.

  3. was at Meijers last week....decided to pick up a blaster of the Masterpiece Football 2008 series for kicks...discounted....picked a good box as far as UM football players were a Desmond Howard Heisman pose and a Jake Long...both in UM uniforms