Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Strasburg Collectors Should Listen to Leyland

Last night in the Tigers - Twins game, hard throwing Joel Zumaya gunned one of his 100 mph heaters towards home plate. Catcher Gerald Laird said he heard a loud 'POP'. It looks like Zumaya could be done for the season. It's sad to see a guy have to be helped off the field in so much pain.
Leyland had a thought provoking comment after the game. "There was no indication that anything was wrong (with Zumaya) before tonight," Leyland said. "I don't know that anything was wrong. But I've always said with any pitcher, you are one pitch away from throwing their last pitch."

I hope Strasburg is the next Roger Clemens. With pitchers, there are no guarantees.


  1. Good post, can you imagine dropping a ton on $ on Strasburg card's and then something like this happening?

  2. I hope his is like Clemens too...only without the lying under oath while giving your testimony in open court.

  3. we'll see if it's only an elbow problem....rumors circulating it could be more than than from the MRI report

  4. When I first saw this on MLB Network, I had flashbacks of Dave Dravecky, what a heart breaking moment that was.